Transnational meetings


Three transnational meetings will be held involving persons from the project management teams / administration and experts / researchers involved in the production of the project outcomes.

The first kickoff meeting will be held in Skopje, Macedonia, in the second month of the project activities (January 2019), with the purpose of fine-tuning of different aspects of the project activities, explanation of financial rules and procedures, as well as sharing ideas about the methodology for the research regarding the development of the framework for an accessible LMS. This meeting is in correlation to IO1, taking into consideration that during this meeting there will be introductory discussions regarding the main project goal, and each partner will thoroughly elaborate on their in-country experiences regarding the project’s objectives.

The second transnational meeting will be held in Aveiro, Portugal, in April 2020, and it will be closely related to IO2 – implementation and testing of LMS. In the testing phase and the actual implementation of the accessible LMS and its cloud-based positioning, some challenges might occur. This meeting will focus on the reviewing of the functionality of the accessible LMS and the newly developed interface functionality of the LMS for all students, including students with disabilities.This meeting and the main themes that will be discussed will be crucial to the further sustainability of the accessible learning management system for the humanities and social sciences. This meeting will generate ideas for its long-term maintenance and incorporation of new contents, as well as ideas for future projects in areas relevant for the project partners, which are adequate to contemporary issues addressed by the European Union. This meeting is also important about the process of evaluation of the first and second year of the project, budget and management control. The dissemination and visibility of the project results thus far will be also discussed.

The third transnational meeting will take place in Copenhagen, Denmark in June 2021. Having in mind that they are a training center and have a wide network of associates they can give the largest contribution to the visibility and sustainability of the project results.

During this meeting final remarks will be given and further projects ideas and possibilities for cooperation between the partners will be discussed.