This page will serve as a repository for all relevant project documentation and paperwork.

Please feel free to browse, download, read, use and comment!

2019.02: Minutes from the first transnational meeting in Skopje [.pdf, 84k]

2019.02: Protocol for desk-top research [.pdf, 84k]

2019.02: Protocol for interview with persons with disabilities [.pdf, 71k]

2019.02: Protocol for interview with focus group of IT persons [.pdf, 71k]

2019.02: Inquiry for high school students with disabilities [.pdf, 80k]

2019.02: Informed consent form for the semi-structured interviews [.pdf, 93k]

2019.02: Informed consent form for the focus groups [.pdf, 74k]

2019.06: The Attendance Forms for the Copenhagen Workshop [.pdf, 392k]

2019.06: The complete brief report on the Training Workshop in Copenhagen, by Hüseyin Koc [.docx, 76k]

2019.06: Henrik’s Powerpoint presentation for the Copenhagen workshop [.pptx, 621k]

2019.06: The presentation by Tanja Lillelund @ the University of Copenhagen [.pptx, 4918k]

2019.06: The presentation by Signe Højsteen @ the Danish Ministry of Education [.pptx, 260k]

2019.07: FAST: The Methodological Framework (draft version) [.pdf, 8554k]

2019.08: FAST: Den metodiske ramme (udkast til) [.pdf, 8470k]

2019.08: FAST: O quadro metodológico (versão preliminar) [.pdf, 8378k]

2019.08: FAST: Metodologinis pagrindimas (projekto versija) [.pdf, 8060k]

2019.08: FAST: Методолошка рамка (драфт верзија) [.pdf, 8686k]