Tasks & responsibilities


The realization of the project will be a collaborative effort for the creation of a methodological framework for an accessible LMS, development of an accessible LMS, development of a mobile app for easy access to the accessible LMS, and the development of a joint e-module. All the participating organizations (the applicant university and all the partners) participated in the drafting of the project proposal, and each university contributed accordingly.

Considering that this project is related to strategic partnerships in the area of innovation and exchange of good practices, all participating organizations will contribute to the implementation of the intellectual outputs and the innovative tangible products. As different project partners have experiences and scientific and practical achievements in different areas, the leading roles for different project activities will be distributed accordingly.

The applicant organization (University of Ss. Cyril and Methodius) and the high education institutions in Aveiro and Vilnius will be responsible for dissemination of the results from the intellectual outputs during the three multiplier events that each organization will hold. Each of these Universities will take the on role of a leading organization during the multiplier events.

The applicant institution will be responsible for the organization of the first kickoff transnational meeting which will be the initial meeting important for the fine tuning of different aspects of the project activities and the sharing of ideas regarding the project implementation.

The University of Ss. Cyril and Methodius will assume the leading role regarding the communication with the donor, as well as the reporting, budgeting and overall coordination of the project implementation. They will be the leading organization for IO1 (creation of research tools, field and desk-top research and analysis of the results) and IO2 (development and implementation of an accessible LMS). They will also be responsible for the design and construction of the accessible LMS and the mobile app for easy access to the LMS.

The University in Aveiro, Portugal will prepare the methodology for evaluation and monitoring of all project activities regarding the intellectual outputs. This University will be the leading organization for IO3 – Development of a mobile application. They will also organize the second transnational meeting with the purpose of evaluation of the first and second year of project activities, the budget and management control. Dissemination and visibility of the project results will also be discussed.

The Vilnius University will organize and coordinate the second joint short-term staff training which will be oriented towards developing skills for design and Implementation of a joint e-module for accessible LMS usage. The on-going dissemination and visibility of the project results will also be discussed. They will be the leading organization for IO4 (Development of a joint e-course for accessible LMS usage).

The European Training Centre Copenhagen will organize and coordinate the first short-term joint staff training. This training center will deliver a training course for the project participants related to the creation of an accessible LMS for HEI purposes. They will also coordinate and organize the third transnational meeting, where final conclusion regarding project results will be reached. Having in mind that this training center has a wide network of collaborators (NGO sector, business sector), they can contribute to the dissemination and long-term sustainability of the project.