European Training Center Copenhagen


The European Training Center Copenhagen (ETCC) was established by the not-for-profit company Horisont-amba who has been working with social capital and inclusion activities for the past 25 years.

ETCC is a modern training agency and project facilitator delivering cost-effective and efficient training seminars by utilizing the best-located facilities and partner opportunities in Denmark and Europe. ETCC is an agency organized as a network organization cooperating with Danish and international key-specialists in order to ensure the most updated and best practice based training in the delivered seminars and workshops. ETCC has developed seminars, workshops and training courses based on the newest knowledge related to the EU Structural and Cohesion Funds and European development programs.

In this respect ETCC draws also on a broad experience on wide range of learners and is very competent in education and training of adults/youngsters and service and production issues focusing on behavioral changes among social actors and organizations. ETCC also has a wide range of experiences and know-how from the labor market training, health and social sectors when working in transition countries and has via its board and members a wide network of co-operators representing training institutions, NGOs and state institutions in Denmark especially, also Sweden, Finland/Norden Region and Norway too.

The core team has all more than 30 years of experience working with EU programs in both Denmark, Scandinavia, new and old member states as well as accession countries, both as training providers and project managers, team leaders and monitors / evaluators of EU projects. The specific trainer specialists will be selected for each seminar.

European Training Centre Copenhagen offers effective and participant involving training for individual trainees as well as tailor-made training sessions and workshops-on-locations where the training sessions are combined with on-site visits and lectures.

ETCC’s involvement in this project is through cooperation with own experts on Learning Management Systems and two Danish universities, which focus on research and development in the areas of Networks, e-Learning platforms and study program presentations. The main strategic objective of this cooperation is to excel in research and innovation required for the development of the knowledge society. The target of its current exploration plan is to tackle the challenges that arise due to the massive volume of multimedia information, the need for ubiquitous and transparent network access anywhere and anytime, and the demand for personalized services through intelligent information processing. In this line of work, the cooperation focus on user friendly and intelligent interfaces of systems and handsets based on semantically indexed information.

E-learning (linked to other E-services) is a vital part of the development activities carried out, and the team of IT participating in the proposed project as the personnel is ETCC’s own experts which have considerable experience in the management and processing of multimedia information (compound text, images, video and audio files), with applications in various domains. ETCC has a good experience in development and implementation of intelligent methods for multimedia content management, processing and retrieval and has the capacity to offer state-of-the-art training, in recent years, ETCC has participated in more EU and national projects involving multimedia management and processing applications in different sectors of the economy and society. Our team developed e-learning environments able to handle multimedia representations in an innovative, transparent and interactive way that facilitated learning in the respective domains.

The key persons which will be involved in the project also have over 30 years of professional experience with needs assessments, training of professionals and organizational capacity building, social/educational policy and service development, project monitoring and evaluation and management, expertise in analysis, planning and development of curriculum, inclusion policies and inclusion network, consultancy on project strategy, development of strategies for the delivery of regional educational services, education and labor rehabilitation services programs with a special emphasis on training programs for educational services.

The team:

Henrik Haubro is CEO of the ETCC. Has MA Psychology and MA Educational Science plus BA Special Education and Teacher. Work as project manager and senior expert, mainly in projects on inclusion of children, youth and adults with special needs within education, mental health and social services. Henrik also works as project consultant for different university projects like talent attraction, European Spallation Center, etc.

Also, Henrik is head of the NGO The European House, which works with projects in Eastern European countries, Central Asia and Russia plus Denmark and the EU.

Henrik has worked with international projects for more than 30 years. Was Director of Development in a Danish region for 15 years, and before that worked as head psychologist in the National Service for Mentally Retarded in Denmark. Has authored more than 17 books and numerous articles focusing on hands-on issues linked to inclusion of marginalised individuals and groups at risk.

Gabriel Vârtopeanu is Regional Director of the ETCC. Has a BA in electronics and law. Has the EU project management diploma from the institute in Amsterdam. Works as senior expert and trainer, especially in the project management cycle. Has worked as assistant manager in different services and projects for people with special needs.

Gabriel has worked as an engineer on development of electronic locomotive systems but is now fully devoted to work as senior expert and project manager in educational and vocational activities and as trainer of trainers. Has a vast experience of working with and training university staff on project development and quality assurance (QA) in different fields.

Jens Gammelgaard is director of Optimon and independent consultant and pioneer in the internet distributed learning platform Moodle. Jens’ experience has been achieved through active work as a director at Optimon, which he established in January 2003. Over the years, Jens has taught at DTU, University of Copenhagen, Makskinmestererskolen in Aarhus and in a number of other companies.

The e-learning pathway to achieve the flexibility that this provides for students, students and employees. Jens has worked, among others, for: Region Skåne, Hässlehom and Kristiansstad hospitals, ITU (UN), At Work A / S, Billund Airport, Region of Southern Denmark, High Schools, IC Company, BUPL, Solar A / S, Competence Forum Aps, Martec (Maskinmesterskole), Emerge Leadership Group and Rambøll Informatik and Alm. Brand. and Aarhus School of Engineering.

Optimon has offices in Aarhus and has been running e-learning activities since the beginning of 2003 with mainly Moodle as LMS platform, but also with assistance for the entire e-learning development process and all its phase tasks.