Joint staff training


Two short-term training activities are planned with the purpose of reaching project results and enabling development of IT skills in HEI staff and IT workers in the area of LMS development, and development of accessibility features for the LMS and the mobile app as well as designing of on-line e-courses and their development.

The first short-term training will be conducted in the area of learning management systems and accessibility for students with special needs and it will be valuable for the skills acquirement for the creation of the accessible LMS based on the methodological framework developed under IO1.

The second short-term training will enable acquiring of skills for development of e-modules, their cloud-based placement and integration within existing modules, which will be the basis for new distance learning possibilities.

C1: SP-HE-SHORT – Short-term joint staff training event – Denmark

The training organization, which will conduct the short-term training activity, will be selected through a public call. The trainers will possess all the necessary skills for a successful training.

The training will be oriented towards introduction to e-learning tools, platforms and instructional models; the possibility for migration of e-learning courseware from a current system to a new LMS; interoperability testing along with LMS content such as surveys, assessments and media; hosting and installation; security and management of user accounts; system integration with other systems like portals, web-conferences etc; the role of curriculum managers; strategic planning for accessible e-learning; standards for accessibility for LMS; defining best LMS options for accessible e-learning etc.

HEI staff, experts/researchers in the area of LMS development, IT technicians and experts in the special needs education area will represent the participating organizations. Students with special needs from each University will also be participants in this training because of their valuable input for the creation of the LMS and the creation of the blocks and plug-ins which make it accessible.

C1: SP-HE-SHORT – Short-term joint staff training event – Lithuania

The Vilnius University will conduct a short-term joint staff training for the development of modules for the so-called e-course. One of the training goals will be how to develop, plan, and deliver successful training sessions for all students including students with disabilities. They will conduct a training of virtual learning environment users, provide the know-how for performing computer based examination and skills for arranging live Internet broadcasting’ and video conferences. The training will be oriented towards exploration of tools and techniques for leading virtual synchronous training events and creation of a high-quality and engaging video-presentations and e-learning content with screen-capture software but also for how to create engaging, high-quality instructional videos for flipped classrooms, on-line instruction and blended learning.

The participating organizations will ie represented by HEI staf, experts/researchers in the area of development of e-learning modules or different types of distance and non-formal learning. Students with disabilities will also participate in this training Because of their valuable input, their insight and creative ideas for how to overcome barriers to learning and their social inclusion.