Intellectual Output 1

Creation of a methodological framework for accessible LMSs

Start date: December 1, 2018
End date: April 30, 2019

Output 1 will include field and desktop research with the purpose to create a framework for intellectual outputs 2 and 3: Creation and Implementation of an Accessible Learning Management System. The framework will be published as a publication in five languages (English, Macedonian, Portuguese, Danish and Lithuanian) and also in a peer-reviewed journal. Considering the time needed for publication in peer-reviewed journals, this paper is expected to be published before the project ends and promoted during the multiplier events.

Its innovative value is the focus on accessibility of Learning Management Systems and their use by students with disabilities. The suitability for this framework to be used by other interested universities that do not use LMSs or are interested in making their LMSs accessible adds to the impact and transferability potential.


IO1/A1: Preparing instruments for the qualitative and quantitative part of the research: protocols for work, questionnaires, and checklists.

IO1/A2: Conducting the desktop research and field research: focus groups and semi-structured interviews with IT developers with experience in the area of LMSs and students with disabilities.  The use of qualitative and quantitative research tools will lead to an extensive review of current theories, practices and findings for the best models of LMSs and the innovative solutions to make it more accessible for students with disabilities.

IO1/A3: Qualitative and quantitative analysis of data. Defining concepts and creating analogies with the purpose of development of the framework.

IO1/A4: Written study in a form of a publication and publishing in peer-reviewed journals that will be useful to all universities interested in transferring and implementing these positive practices within their existing LMSs or creating new ones.

Output type: Methodologies / guidelines.
Methodological framework for implementation.

Each partner will contribute to the comparative analysis with their unique in-country experience related to the best theories and practices in LMS use and accessibility of Learning Management Systems.

All three partner institutions, as well as the leading organisation for this intellectual output – the Faculty of Philosophy at the Ss. Cyril and Methodius University in Skopje – will conduct the desktop research and field research in each country, respectively.

The Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Macedonia will enable access to all educational institutions and will provide statistical data for the desk-top research regarding the frequency and methodology of using Learning Management Systems in educational institutions in the entire country. They will also monitor and supervise the research process.

The leading organisation will be responsible for creation of the research instruments and the qualitative and quantitative analysis. The dissemination of results and the publication of results in peer-reviewed journals will be done by all participating organisations.

The applied methodology will be a combination of qualitative (desktop research, semi-structured qualitative interviews and focus groups) and quantitative research. Triangulation of methods of work, sources of information and researchers will be applied with the purpose of attaining validity of the gained results. The results from the conducted study will generate the framework for an accessible Learning Management System.