Multiplier events (Ss. Cyril and Methodius University, Vilnius University and University of Aveiro)

At the end of the project activities, before the last transnational meeting in Denmark, three multiplier events were organized with the purpose of a larger dissemination and visibility of the project results.

The first Multiplier Event (ME) was organized at the Faculty of Philosophy, Ss. Cyril and Methodius University on June 15th in Skopje. The second one was organized at the Vilnius University, on June 16th 2021. The third ME was organized at the University of Aveiro. Because of the COVID-19 measures it was organized on three different working days (June 16th, June 23rd, and June 30th).

The agenda of the multiplier events was related to the presentation of all four intellectual outputs: The creation of a methodological framework, the actual creation of the accessible Learning Management System (LMS), the creation of an accessible mobile application and the creation of training courses on how to develop an accessible LMS for students with disabilities.

Many students with disabilities and their non-disabled peers participated during these events and they were the main target group and the ones that will benefit the most from all the project activities. HEI academic and administrative staff, representatives from various Ministries (ministry of Labor and Social Policy, Ministry of Education and Science etc) representatives from the business sector, teachers in primary and secondary (special and mainstream) schools also attended the multiplier events.

Thus a wide dissemination was made of all project activities which led to an even bigger visibility of the project and the project results.