Accessible mobile Moodle application now available on Google Play Store

Тhe importance of the mobile devices for people with disabilities is clearly shown throughout different research, especially in the research for the visually impaired people. This is the reason, why in the conception phase of this project, we decided to create a mobile app for easy access to the accessible Moodle platform. Trying to bypass the common keyboard and mouse inadequacy, we decided to provide the same functionalities of the presented Moodle e-learning platform as custom-based mobile application that differs from the official Moodle application that exists on Google Play Store.

The interface of the application is shown on the picture above. The modules for dyslexia, sign-language, and TTS can be seen on the left. All the mouse functionalities are touch based with this application.

The application is active and can be downloaded on Google Play Store by the name Courses@FZF at the link:

A note of gratitude to our IT experts Monika Simjanoska and Kostadin Mishev, who created the accessible Moodle platform and this fantastic app!