It’s finally here!

On September 28th, 2020, on the premises of the Faculty of Philosophy, there was a promotion of the first e-platform in our country accessible for students with disabilities. The FAST (2018-2021) project: An accessible Learning management system in Humanities and Social Sciences, which is an Erasmus+KA203 project led to the creation of such a system, which today is accessible for three groups of students with disabilities: students with impaired vision, students with impaired hearing and students with specific reading disabilities – dyslexia.

The transnational implementation of the Erasmus+ FAST project was vital because of the exchange of good practices with our partner countries that have a tradition of online systems usage. The accessibility plug-ins created within this project are installed on the e-learning platforms on the University in Aveiro and the Vilnius University.

Promotors of the event:

  • Dean of the Faculty of Philosophy, prof. Ratko Duev, PhD
  • FAST coordinator, prof. Aleksandra Karovska Ristovska, PhD
  • IT experts, asst. prof. Monika Simjanoska, PhD and teaching asst. Kostadin MIshev, M.Sc.

Guided by the principle of Universal Design in Learning, our team decided to create a generic model of an accessible learning management system and to make it accessible for students with disabilities in the early stages of development. For that purpose, three plug-ins were created:

  • Dyslexia plug-in for students with dyslexia. By using this plug-in, every single text within the platform can be converted in the DyslexicFZF font (created by the Faculty of Philosophy). This plug-in enables change of background colors as well.

  • Plug-in for sign language. For the creation of this plug-in 150 sign language videos were made and embedded in the platform. In this manner, deaf persons could follow the instructions from the platform in Macedonian Sign Language.

  • Text-to-speech plug-in. With this plug-in, every single text on the platform can be converted in humanoid speech. Within this plug-in, the first open-source synthetizator in Macedonian language based on the deep-learning approach – MAKEDONKA was created.

You can download the Powerpoint presentation here.