FAST: The Methodological Framework

Тhe draft version of the methodological framework for the Fostering Accessible Study Technologies project is completed and can be found online.

This methodological framework is the result of an extensive transnational cooperation within the first intellectual output from the FAST project. The project teams from Skopje, Vilnius, Copenhagen and Aveiro conducted semi-structured interviews with students with disabilities, inquiries with high-school students with disabilities, focus groups with IT experts and an extensive desk-top research regarding the possibility of making Learning Management Systems accessible. The interviews and inquiries gave us insight into the problems and barriers students with disabilities face in everyday access to different learning content (particularly online content). The desk-top research allowed us to do a comparative analysis of numerous studies that entail efforts for making learning management systems and its content accessible. The focus groups with IT experts resulted with actual proposals and many accessibility options for persons with impaired vision, impaired hearing, dyslexia, physical disability, combined disabilities and so on.

This methodological framework will be the basis for the actual creation of an accessible LMS, which is the goal of Intellectual Output 2. We sincerely hope that the framework will prove to be beneficial for everyone that is interested in working in the field of accessibility for students with disabilities in higher education.