June 25, 2019: Final session

1. Video about Moodle focused on three concepts: the Why, the What and the How.

  • LMS – eight categories: Medical, healthy brain, learning etc.
  • Five main benefits:
    – Can access material at any time they want to
    – Physical disability: It provides a comfort zone that is easily accessible and voice to text.
    – Visual impairment: Adaptive tools
    – Hearing impairment: It makes life easier, because they can get lectures with subtitles
    – Psychiatric disabilities: Comfort zone – two main factors that is flexibility and convenience. This platform is far better than commuting, also adults prefer tech.

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June 24, 2019: Workshop update

E-learning and Moodle are no problem to be implemented in Denmark, but it is the practical implementation of the general courses that presents the problem. Additionally, our partners face a challenge: General structure of Moodle with content by teachers being too dull, so we must find a way to make it interesting and engaging. Continue reading