Foundations of Learning Management Systems (LMS)

asd2Learning management systems are transforming the way companies train their workers and the way teachers educate their students. Administrators can assign and grade work online. Users can access content and resources anytime, inside or outside the classroom or office. A learning management system (LMS) can also improve communication, help you track progress, and reduce costs. If you’re considering an LMS for your company or school, this is the course for you.

LinkedIn Learning instructor Oliver Schinkten explains what an LMS is, what the leading platforms are, and how to choose an LMS system based on learning needs—understanding there are very different use cases for corporate and academic learners. He also covers the basics of administering and configuring an LMS, so you can make an informed decision about your corporate training or academic needs.

Topics include:
– What is an LMS?
– LMS benefits
– Corporate vs. academic systems
– Choosing an LMS
– Adding learners
– Creating courses
– Curating content
– Accountability and communication

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Teaching Techniques: Making Accessible Learning

asd1Do all students have equal access to the learning resources and opportunities in your classroom? Learn to provide accommodations to make learning accessible to students with disabilities and meet the compliance for digital learning.

In this course, Oliver Schinkten explores how to modify your classroom and online instruction to accommodate students with special needs. Find out about the different types of disabilities and challenges students may face, and learn how to use assistive technologies such as screen readers and closed captioning, incorporate visual and auditory cues into teaching, and encourage students to seek the learning supports that will help them succeed.

Topics include:
– What is accessible learning?
– Accommodating different needs, from vision impairments to lack of digital access
– Adapting presentations, responses, and timing
– Using an LMS to make learning more accessible
– Adding alt text to images
– Adding closed captioning to videos

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