Both innovative and complementary

While building on and trying to improve the (mostly) negative experiences concerning LMS usage, accessibility and interoperability in Macedonian Higher Education, we aim to establish operational compatibility with several fresh developments and initiatives at the Faculty of Philosophy and at the University in general: the Institutional Repository, the e-Library and the Digital Library of the Faculty, initiatives whose completion and application is expected within the upcoming year. The project aims to complement these initiatives by providing compatible and inter-operable accessibility LMS software modules aimed at disadvantaged learners as well; in combination, this project will provide a solid basis for a complete e-platform Faculty-wide studying solution for all students.

Despite there being open-source LMS software solutions with cost-free licenses, practically none of them has been implemented in Macedonia on a systemic level. A small number of Faculties use LMS applications as course tools; however, LMS software has not been implemented as a system-wide and Faculty-wide teacher-student interaction platform. So far, no Faculty or University in the region offers specifically designed and implemented software modules for students with special needs.

The combination of a LMS with specialised audio and video modules, a digital library, and a repository will provide the much-needed basis for a thorough re-examination of course curricula on a faculty-wide basis and a possible re-implementation and restructuring of courses and curricula towards a LMS-based e-studying, compatible with the latest tech trends In both pedagogy and schooling. The newly rethought curricula would provide a solid basis for the development of an e-learning and distance-learning software platform; distance learning, or a process of learning while being entirely physically detached from the faculty building, has so far not been offered in the region.